Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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Astrology is an applied science based on hypothetical data and an extraordinary invention by mankind which answers many questions which is unanswered by any science. It is a world of Stars, Planets, their positions and impact of them in any living or material things on this universe. When a person is born, destiny of the life is decided. Native�s life, Luck, Characters, features, everything is written based on birth time and the planetary positions on that time.Astrology is an ancient old tool which helps a person to discover him/herself. It helps to plan for the future according to the birth time and current transits. .Being an Astrologer the most asked question in common person is what is Astrology? Even though there are some general awareness about sunsign, moon sign etc, it is not very likely that the answer of what is astrology is known. if u want to connect with Afreeda Ali ji and remove your all problems then call on +91-83869-32786, +91-9680653171 and send a mail on afreedaali786@gmail.com

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